Our destinies, yours and mine, are connected; each one is a modest but essential element in a much grander narrative, a chronicle filled with brokenness and failure but also rescue and redemption.  This book is about exploring that story, combing through it, and untangling the lies subtly woven in - falsehoods presented by Satan and by the religious establishment.  Together we will unwrap the promises made to us and discover how we can connect to this divine source of insight and renewal. $19

Surrender is a print of my original poem Liberatus side by side with the well-known poem by William Ernest Henley, Invictus. For many years I was determined to make my own way without asking for help from anyone. I wanted to do things on my terms. I desired to be the “Master of my fate and the Captain of my soul”. This poem was written when I discovered that true life was to be found in my surrender to our Heavenly Father.  It is printed on museum quality acid free paper and mounted in a 11x14 mat complete with backer board, ready for framing. $30

Café Terrace at Night

Are you ready for a Dan Brown type conspiracy? Café Terrace at Night is one of the most recognizable paintings by world renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh. But did you know that many experts in the art world believe Van Gogh was creating his own version of the Last Supper? While the most well-known depiction of the Last Supper was created by Leonardo di Vinci, experts in post-impressionist art believe that Café Terrace at Night is Van Gogh’s tribute to the last meal of Jesus and his disciples.  Look at the central figure dressed in white with a windowpane cross just over his shoulder. He is surrounded by 11 seated figures with 1 figure making his exit in the shadow. Is that Judas leaving the group to do the devils work? This 8x10 print of Café Terrace at Night is printed on museum quality acid-free paper inside an 11x14 mat ready for framing. $30

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